I SAID NO!!!!!

Have you ever found yourself so stressed and overwhelmed and you couldn't figure out how you got to that point?

I didn't realize how much I struggled at saying "No" when it really mattered. As a parent I have said "NO!" many times to my children. However, I allow myself to become so overwhelmed and stressed with excessive competing tasks because I fail to use a simple, two letter word like "NO".

Whether it's in your personal life or professional life, learning to say "NO" properly and in the right setting, can eliminate much undue stress.

When we are saying "NO" to someone, or something, we then can say "YES" to the things that are most important and that can help us stay on track toward our goals. In other words, when we tell someone that we will do whatever is their 911 at the moment, we have told ourselves and our goals "NO".

And its not just others that we are always agreeing to do something for. There are times when our mind will work to sabotage a good thing and we don't even notice that we have said yes and all of a sudden we are so off course, we don't even know how we got to that point in the first place.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to multiple competing tasks, stop and re-evaluate the moment and make a note of what you have said "YES" to when you should have said "NO!!!!!"


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