Good Leaders Learn To Listen

To be an effective leader for a team of people, trying to reach a common goal, you can choose to just give directions and expect everyone to follow along. Or, you can give direction and then ask for feedback or thoughts to see if someone may have an idea for a better idea.

This can build a more connected stronger team.

Sometimes, when results are not being met, leaders just hand out consequences to the underperformer or worse. If the leader took time to ask questions around the person's performance, we learn many things that we can put in to action or even discover barriers that we can help remove that allows that person to perform at their best ability.

Listening to understand a person's point of view, or understanding, allows the leader to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Leaders also can learn a lot about their leadership style. They can learn what is working for the team or individuals and then make adjustments that helps support their team more efficiently.

Listening is one part of communication that some leaders forget to work on. They will say they hear their team "loud and clear" but unless they are listening to better understand their team, then their efforts will not produce the results they desire or that is expected.

Learning to listen within your personal relationships can go a long way as well. Whether you take a lead role in your household or maybe you and your partner switch out based on the need. If either of you are not good listeners, then you add frustrations to the everyday challenges that are unnecessary.

There is that old saying about how listening is more important than talking because God gave you two ears and one mouth..... well, pausing to listen, will open up so much for you to learn. Asking questions and then giving time for the person to answer and LISTEN to what they are telling you, will help you not only learn about them but will create a connection.

If you are wanting more success for you and your team, if you have people on your team who are not performing their full potential, take a minute to check your listening skills. How well are you listening to your team? Are you asking the right questions and taking time to listen to what they have to say? You may hear things that are not comfortable for you to hear about your leadership style, but by listening and absorbing the information, we grow to be better leaders after all.

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